Vet’s Top 11 Checklist For Your Dog

Vet’s Checklist For Your Dog

One of our responsibilities as pet owners is making sure your dog stays fit and healthy. Keeping up with vaccinations and check-ups are important to your dog’s health and well-being. Here is a checklist of what you might want to keep in mind when choosing and visiting your vet.

  1. Find the right vet, based on referrals from friends and family or online research
  2. Call the vet’s office to make an appointment and to find out what the fees are for various procedures so you’re not shocked when the bill comes
  3. Write down all your worries and concerns so you’re ready when the vet asks if you have questions
  4. Bring a urine sample with you so the vet can examine it for worms
  5. Arrive on time for your appointment, because many vets’ offices are quite busy. If you have a small dog, have him/her in his/her carrier. If you have a large dog, make sure he/she is on a lease
  6. If you have health and vaccination records, bring them with you too
  7. During the appointment, let the vet handle your pet. Any physical interference by you can be a distraction. Take this time to ask your questions
  8. When you are satisfied with your visit and feel confident you can complete any actions the vet wants you to take
  9. Pay your bill and be sure to ask the vet when he/she thinks your pet’s next appointment should be. If you have a puppy, it may be as soon as a few weeks, but older dogs may not need more than an annual check-up
  10. Transport your dog in a carrier/lease home
  11. When you get home, comfort your dog and reward him/her with a treat after the experience.

Image: Jack Brind-Unsplash