What are Dog Beds and Dog Duvets?

Does your Dog need a Dog Bed and Dog Duvet?

Like humans, most dogs sleep for 12 hours a day. Choosing the right Dog Bed is essential.
According to Wayfair, a Dog Duvet is “an extra thick Dog Duvet Inner in White. Designed to add extra warmth and comfort to your Dog’s bed, this duvet inner features an extra thick filling”.

Here are some top tips on things to consider when buying a Dog Bed.

When you are choosing the right dog bed, it helps to have your furry friend with you. After all, they’re the one sleeping on it – not you! If you choose a bed that is uncomfortable or ill fitted for your pooch, they may reject it and refuse to sleep there. At Wayfair.co.uk, we have refined our selection of pet beds with your beloved animal at front of mind. Each dog has their own unique personality and habits, so it pays to keep this in mind.

A dog bed can make your best friend feel as though they have a true place in your household. But how do you pick the best kind of dog bed to facilitate a premium grade snooze? To determine this, we have provided a few questions worth addressing before you make the purchase:

  • Weights and measurements – how long is your dog from nose to tail? If you can keep your hound still for a moment while they are fully stretched, use a tape measure to get an accurate feel for their length. Smaller dogs or dogs who don’t fully extend may prefer a round, cosy bed. Larger dogs like labradors, alsatians and golden retrievers may need a lot more room to lounge around, and usually denser, more resilient materials.
  • Style and substance – where your pet’s bed will be situated will influence the style, shape and texture of the bed that you choose. If it is going to be displayed on show for family and visitors in your hall or kitchen, you may want to opt for a trendier model to blend in with your overall decor.
  • So fresh and so clean – one of the most important factors when considering a Dog Bed is how it’s going to be cleaned and washed? Many of the beds either have machine washable covers or are made from easy-to-wash materials, saving you from any stress or having to constantly replace the bed itself.
  • Additional features – if your dog is old or arthritic, there are extra considerations for mobility and comfort. Many pet beds now contain extra-thick padding or heated features, beneficial for those aches and pains eg Dog Duvet.
Source: Wayfair.

7 Things to Consider When Buying Dog Beds

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