Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for Dogs

Just like us humans, the majority of a dog’s immune system is in the gut. The gut is the largest immune organ in the body and contains approximately 70% of all immune cells. So keeping your dog’s digestive system running is essential to making sure that he/she stays healthy, active and lives a full, long and healthy life.

One way to potentially improve your dog’s digestive health is to offer him/her a daily probiotic supplement. Good health starts in the dog’s gut.

I met Jack Walker and Aneisha Soobroyen at a networking event in London. They were the first friendly people I met there. They had a very interesting startup called Scrumbles. A local family run business that cares about their pet’s health and food.

They offer:

  • Natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced in the UK to deliver on quality and taste
  • Hypoallergenic dog food that is free from gluten, soy and dairy with grain-free options too
  • No sugar and salt
  • No artificial colours, preservatives nor additives
  • Human grade ingredients, predominantly British, including our highly digestible free run meat, which provides quality animal protein.


They were recently on Dragon’s Den!

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