Amazing Dog Travel Bed

Amazing Dog Travel Bed 

Can you imagine… you get ready to go away, bags are packed and housework is done. But you forgot one thing… your dog?

You don’t want to leave your best friend with your neighbour or family and he/she does not want to leave you by your side! What are you going to do?

Well… one solution to get a dog travel bed.

The Spruce Travel Dog Bed is designed to fold up and hold all of your dog’s essentials when you are on the up and go. Your dog will love the bed’s supportive foam padding and unique side bolsters. What’s more, it is easily-removed, washable and waterproof!

The Spruce Bed folds up into a compact and durable travel case. When folded, you can store all of your dog’s stuff inside making it easy to move everything all at once. When open, the bed becomes the perfect spot for your dog to rest anywhere and anytime.

Available in Small Medium and Large.


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