10 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm and Safe on Bonfire Night

10 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm and Safe on Bonfire Night

Did you know, according to research by the RSPCA, 45% of dogs are scared of fireworks. So with Fireworks night fast approaching, here are 10 top tips on how to ensure your dog has a calm and stress-free evening.

Before Bonfire Night

  1. Check out when the local firework displays are happening in your area so you know exactly when there is going to be some disturbance
  2. During the days leading up to Bonfire night, try playing a soundtrack or YouTube video of fireworks quietly in the house. This way your dog can familiarise themselves with the noise
  3. Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise on Bonfire day so he/she will be tired by the evening
  4. Create a safe place in your home for your dog to retreat to and have some peace and quiet
  5. If you take your dog outside, make sure they are wearing a collar with an up-to-date ID tag on it.

During the Fireworks

  1.  Feed your dog slightly earlier than usual, as if they do begin to feel anxious they may lose their appetite
  2. Close all doors and windows leading outside and close all your curtains to stop the sound and lights from the fireworks flashing through. If you do have to go outside, make sure you shut your dog in a different room before opening the front door
  3. Turn your TV or radio up slightly louder than you’d usually have it to mask the sound of the fireworks
  4. Keep your dog stimulated in the evening by playing with their favourite toys
  5. Behave as normally as possible around your dog. Remember, if you are acting strangely, your dog will too!

Image: Alex Holyoake-unsplash